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※ 4:00 AM Fictitious ~theme of APPLET~
※ lead insp: miracle moon
weird game site
twitter nonsense

concept art for protag of my 「game」
weird game site
twitter nonsense

concept art for character from my 「game」
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weird game site
twitter nonsense

thank you for your interest in My 「game」

other than a cool (arguably)



today i learneD what arg is.

a few things In common, but not quite.

I might not underStand it yet.

are you waiting to see who's NEXT?

here's all my finished (enough) art stuff from 2019. my improvement is slow, but i'm figuring out what i like n don't like. also i drew every day this year (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚ unnecessary retrospective under the cut that i will prob delete in embarrassment so get it while its hot yea.

Sing ~ Banana Fish [waterfall] [process gif] lmfao starting off the year totally blowing it, but from this i learned a few things i wanted to work on: shading dark colors, backgrounds, hands, and the dreaded head facing right. i sorta like how his shoes came out.

Reigen ~ Mob Psycho 100 [waterfall] [process gif] ok remember in like early 2019 wen we all wanted to slam reigen arataka hhh... i like how i shaded his hair and skin, how his tiddi a lil out, n making the bg was fun. i dared myself to use the green lineart like in the anime x: i aint mad about it. if i could change something it would be the way i shaded his pants (colors are not interesting) and give him a funkier pose waist down to be as ridiculous as the rest of. whatever tf he is doin.

Lain ~ Serial Experiments Lain [waterfall] just fuckin around. i dont really recognize it as my own art, which i think is maybe fitting for the subject. also pls listen to the lain theme if u’ve never heard it before. it’s an experience. her sad yodels,

Serizawa ~ Mob Psycho 100 [waterfall] [process gif] i like a lot of the colors in this one. gradient bg with graphicy icons did it for me so i did that a lot this year hhh. today i would prob change his eyes. um irises. i kno theyre small in canon but if i made them a little larger, it would suit my ~style~ better mayb. i never want to draw an umbrella again.

Goro ~ Persona 5 [waterfall] bday sketch for dreadfighter. hes cute.

Reigen ~ Mob Psycho 100 [waterfall] [process gif] hes back! my fave parts are the hair shading (again), bg (again), his shirt folds... was fuckin around with dashed lineart for the details. i like it sometimes so i try it out more. i would redo the arms tho, the proportions are... hm.

Twitter ~ Icon [waterfall] look like. a bug here... i now sorta figure out how to color dark clothing tho o:

D&D Stuff [waterfall] sketch of arlyn, my d&d elf boy

Jotaro ~ JJBA [waterfall] [process gif] this is wen i become invalid hhhh jojos... i like how i colored the brim of his hat, his funky leg pose, hand that is pointing at the floor or somethin, n putting a pattern inside his jacket (also green is my favorite to color). the abs situation is... a start. i wish i did a little more with the background, made his eye bigger, and fucked off with makin everythin look like shiny plastic idk

D&D Stuff [waterfall] arlyn again with new outfit

D&D Stuff [waterfall] this is dreadfighter​'s lucian from our d&d game. this one rly popped off on waterfall lmfaoo ur boy is famous...

Jolyne ~ JJBA [waterfall] [process gif] the amount of years i spent drawing space channel 5 fanart could not have prepared me better for this lmfaoo. i figured out how i like to color black n also started doin this like. cutout kinda thing on parts that overlap. idk how to explain but it feels like she's a sticker or somethin. i like it.

Fugo ~ JJBA [waterfall] [process gif] i prefer his manga color scheme so here it is. i like the cutout thing i did again n his holes (lmao) were v fun to draw. i think the coloring of his suit came out lookin more like a red bell pepper than a strawberry x: oop

Johnny ~ JJBA [waterfall] [process gif] ok im really proud of how his ass came out. funny pose. if i could redo, i would color his feather things in a different way, like the gradient aint doin it for me, and i would fix his eyes which i rotated way too much imo

Giorno ~ JJBA [waterfall] [process gif] i like how i colored the diamond pattern and drew the braid. the floral stuff on his pants was fun too. i would fix the face proportions tho. something lately has been off... i like large eyes that are far apart, but its kinda difficult to fit that on a face.

Narancia ~ JJBA [waterfall] [process gif] i love this... i forgot to shade his lips but idec. i think a lot of the problems i had throughout the year were figured out by this one. i like this weird flat style {-:

hoy, where do i update my blog description now?